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Ronnie Sarkar appointed Chief Executive Officer of SME Capital

SME Capital is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronnie Sarkar as Chief Executive Officer as Founder and current CEO, James Kaberry, moves to Executive Chairman.

Since joining SME Capital in November 2019, Ronnie has been instrumental to the success of the business in the role of Chief Investment Officer, installing over 20 years’ experience into the company’s vision, cementing its strong position as a major player in the SME lending space.

Ronnie Sarkar, SME Capital CEO

On this strategically important appointment, James Kaberry said: “On behalf of everyone at SME Capital I am thrilled for Ronnie. As a business we are growing exponentially. With Ronnie stepping up and taking over the CEO helm, we have a progressive visionary who can help transition the business to the next stage, supporting me and the team develop SME Capital to take full-advantage of the significant and unique opportunity we have to become the go-to lender for SMEs. This is an exciting next step in the SME Capital journey, and I wish him every success in the future.”

Commenting on his promotion, Ronnie Sarkar said: “I am extremely honoured to take the reins from James. SME Capital is an SME itself and has faced all the trials and tribulations that our customers do. Because of this, I believe we truly empathise with SMEs in a way that not many can and that's why we can serve them better than anyone else. I will give you everything I've got to make SME Capital the "go to" for all the hard working, brilliant SMEs up and down the country and for those seeking to invest in them. That's our mission.”

Moving forward, the business will be led by James, Ronnie and COO, Kate Kennedy, as it continues its strategy for growth.

About SME Capital

SME Capital was founded to support the growing number of SMEs who face difficulty or frustration in accessing capital through traditional methods. We understand the importance of real and trusted relationships in the SME lending market and have dedicated Regional Directors based across the UK. By combining traditional lending expertise with the latest in data analytics, we are supporting established UK SMEs with their long-term objectives and business ambitions.

May 2022

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