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SME Capital fund 18 SMEs in first half of 2023

After a transformational year for the business in 2022, we are pleased to announce that during the first 6 months of 2023 we have seen continued growth in our lending volumes, completing 18 deals and providing over £40 million in loans to small businesses across the UK.

Our bespoke funding lines are helping businesses access capital for growth, acquisitions and key events including MBO's and MBI's. 

At SME Capital, we understand how critical getting access to funding is to the success of UK SMEs.  

Earlier this year it was reported in the Financial Times that Small UK companies have continued to struggle to secure affordable bank loans, with over 50% of loan applications from Banks, rejected.

As a result of tightening bank loan approvals and frustration at a lack of commitment to smaller businesses, we are emerging as a leading alternative provider of tailor-made debt funding solutions for small UK businesses with more SME borrowers looking to find fairer loan terms for ‘Debt Capital’ to grow their business. 

We have another 20 impressive SMEs we are looking to help with bespoke funding lines in 2023. We have a very strong pipeline for Q3 and we will continue to support SMEs across the UK with the financing they need to assist growth plans, support event-drive transactions (MBOs, MBIs, EOTs and M&A) and refinancing requirements.

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Please feel free to get in touch to discuss funding requirements for you or your clients. 

About SME Capital Lending

SME Capital was founded to support the growing number of SMEs who face difficulty or frustration in accessing capital through traditional methods. We understand the importance of real and trusted relationships in the SME lending market and have dedicated Regional Directors based across the UK. By combining traditional lending expertise with the latest in data analytics, we are supporting established UK SMEs with their long-term objectives and business ambitions.

At SME Capital we do not ask for personal guarantees or collateral.

We provide specialised, long-term financial alternatives rather than a general loan that applies to all businesses in the UK.

We are here because we firmly believe that our specifically designed finance solutions for UK companies, which will aid in your growth and success, represent a better option. We are experts in SME lending, therefore every customised loan we make for you will be designed especially with the goal of becoming your long-term finance partner.

Whether you need financing for a refinance, succession planning, M&A, or growth and expansion, we give you the opportunity to thrive without asking you to give up control, equity, or personal assets.

If we don't think it is the right direction for your business, we'll tell you. 

SME Capital uses a cash flow-based approach to lending, offering a multiple of business profitability, specifically EBITDA, as opposed to a loan amount being directly tied to the value of specific assets. We can provide an economic solution to consolidate smaller lenders, or refinance expensive short-term loans, while providing additional working capital for the business.

With repayment terms from 3 to 7 years and flexibility on repayment structures SME Capital is an effective, relationship-led, refinance solution for qualifying businesses in any sector that have been trading more than 3 years with £250,000+ EBITDA.

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July 2023

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